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Picture courtesy of Wallace Clark, Photographer

Paul "Freeman" Gresh

Paul "Freeman" Gresh is a very talented and experienced musician who performed and recorded with several formations, as well as a solo artist. He also is hyper creative, outspoken, non compromising, and a chronic bad boy.

Paul's music is strongly influenced by country, but has a solid blues-rock basis. His sound brings to mind a wide range of associations including Lou Reed, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, or Dutch classic Cuby + the Blizzards.

In recent years Paul has build up a faithfull nomadic audience on the internet which struggles to follow him wherever he roams, as one of his habits is to every once in a while burn all of his ships. As an example of this in 2012 Paul terminated his Youtube channel which featured over 200 original recordings and had an impressive number of views and followers. He did this as a protest to changes in the Youtube policies which he felt restricted his artistic freedom.

While much of the work of Paul "Freeman" Gresh is recorded on the fly using only a webcam and internal computer microphone, the album Pearl of creation is entirely recorded on multitrack digital equipment in CD quality. Furthermore a whole new digitally recorded studio quality album is already being made.

Albums by Paul "Freeman" Gresh:

Pearl of creationPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBluesApril 30th 2013
Title unknownPaul "Freeman" Gresh-Due late 2013