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Welcome to EggArch Music!

EggArch Music is an independent music label based on the ideal of bringing original works of talented artists to music lovers worldwide. more...


Official Video Release of Jutuvesttja - Silver Turning (Ihvar Besck remix)

The video clip of Silver Turning is out now!

This video is best viewed late night with a couple of headphones or a good sound system. Check it out on our brand new media page.


Paul "Freeman" Gresh - Pearl of Creation

The album "Pearl of creation"by Paul "Freeman" Gresh is out now and available in all major and most minor online outlets and streaming services. more...


"Pearl of creation" by Paul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave Todd will be released April 30th

More information will follow soon, check our Facebook page to stay up to date...
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30/3/2013 (upd: 6/4/2013)

EggArch Music proudly presents its first release: Jutuvesttja - Silver Turning

The ambient music album Silver Turning from the enigmatic artist Jutuvesttja is now on Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, and also on iTunes!

Silver Turning is the first part of a series of 3 albums by Jutuvesttja.more...

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