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Jutuvesttja - Silver Turning

In Jutuvesttja’s debut album “Silver Turning” the almost anchorite living artist takes us into the warped reality of his brilliant mind in an ambient story which soothes, surprises, and disturbs.

Silver Turning spans 35 minutes and is a continuous musical piece which contains various, but connected parts. In many ways Silver Turning bares similarities with, and is inspired by, the albums “Space” and “Chill Out” by The KLF. It is also a deeply personal and emotional story from Jutuvesttja in which he deals with tragedy, fear, and hope from his own life.

Track 2 on this release is a radio remix made by Ihvar Besck and should be considered as a more or less seperate entity from Silver Turning itself.

Silver Turning is the first part of a trilogy which will be released by EggArch Music over the course of 2013.

Release: April 6th 2013 | Duration: 44"58' | Catno: J-EAM-101

Tracks on this album:

1Silver TurningJutuvesttjaAmbient Chillout34"58'
2Silver Turning - Radio MixJutuvesttja & Ihvar BesckAmbient Chillout9"59'