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Paul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave Todd - Pearl of Creation

"Pearl of creation" is the result of a series of recording sessions by Paul "Freeman" Gresh with the very talented musician Dave Todd. The album is very diverse in emotions and style, moving between rock, rock ballad, southern blues-rock, calypso inspired, and singer-songwriter songs worthy of Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan. However it remains a consistant whole all the time thanks not in a small degree to Paul's distinctive voice.

The album is available almost everywhere and also can be listened to in it's entirety at for example deezer.com

Release: April 30th 2013 | Duration: 42"00' | Catno: F-EAM-1

Tracks on this album:

1You're haunting mePaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues3"30'
2Cry cry cryPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues4"47'
3Snake in the grassPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues4"07'
4Time for me to find outPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues3"43'
5How ya do?Paul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues2"43'
6My how things changePaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues2"21'
7Feels like the first timePaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues1"49'
8Drift awayPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues5"07'
9You never call me by my namePaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues3"14'
10Pearl of creationPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues4"51'
11Drift away - revisitedPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues3"17'
12Dream I'm still with youPaul "Freeman" Gresh & Dave ToddBlues3"34'