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Welcome to EggArch Music!

EggArch Music is an independent music label based on the ideal of bringing original works of talented artists to music lovers worldwide.

Who is EggArch Music?

EggArch music is founded by me, David Nieuwstad, in 2013 and run mostly by myself. I found myself in the opportunity where I could publish music which I personally liked, but which didn't find a publishing company yet. I'm not in it for the money, but for the fun of it.

EggArch has been laying quite low for a while, but is ready to get rolling again!

What is EggArch Music's style?

EggArch Music is not committed to any particular style, I'm open to all kinds of genres and styles. EggArch Music will not publish just anything though: it's gotta have some kind of artistic value or some kind of emotional connection. Mostly I gotta like it!

What can EggArch music do for artists?

Most importantly EggArch Music can get your music in most major (and lots of minor) online music stores worldwide (e.g. iTunes / Amazon / Deezer / Spotify etc..), streaming services, on demand services, ringtones, backgroundmusic, video sites, soundtracks of movies, advertisements, and television etc..

There's no flat fees or startup costs involved (so you don't have to pay EggArch Music to get your music published) and allthough EggArch Music charges a percentage of the royalties of what you actually sell, that percentage is very low compared to other companies.

EggArch music has limited resources so the artists still have to take care of recording and the major part of promotions themselve, but helps out where needed and possible.

EggArch Music is all about the love for music and musicians!

Feel free to contact EggArch Music via mail: Info@EggArch.com

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