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Welcome to EggArch Music!

EggArch Music is an independent music label based on the ideal of bringing original works of talented artists to music lovers worldwide. Our goal is not only to support artists in getting a fair buck out of their creation, but also to support charity through the sales of music.

Our style

EggArch Music is not committed to any particular style, we are trying to collect a catalogue of all kinds of genres. EggArch Music will not publish just anything though: we do select our music carefully based on it's artistic value and a bit of gut feeling. We put a lot of effort in for little money, so we want the music to be something we like.

What we can do for artists

EggArch Music has lots of ways to help artists: First of all we can and get your music in most major (and lots of minor) online music stores worldwide (e.g. iTunes / Amazon / Deezer / Spotify etc..), streaming services, on demand services, ringtones, backgroundmusic, video sites, soundtracks of movies, advertisements, and television etc. But also we have an extended network of connections in music and media industry and a decade of experience. This gives us lots of ways to promote artists, we can advise on technical issues, have access to professional sound mastering studios and other technical facilities, can help out with artwork and design, general advise, legal advise etc.

Most important however: we do this out of love for music, art and people, so we are more than willing to go the extra mile!

What we don't do

EggArch Music is not a recording or producing label, we ask of the artists to record their music themselves. We have limited resources in money and time, so artists will have to do some of their promotion themselves. We will help out wherever we can though and actively promote artists and their works through (social) media and communication within our network. Publishing music on physical media (CD/ Vinyl / MC) is something we likely rarely or never will do.

We're not in it for the money

EggArch Music does not charge any startup fees or added fees for publicing music. All contracts between EggArch Music and the signed artists are based on a royalty share per sold item. In other words: if a track or album is sold a percentage goes to the shop and our distributor, another bit to EggArch Music, and another bit to the Artist. Also we make it a point to pay out a higher percentage than is ‘normal’ in music industry and not make any contracts based on obligation concerning future works.

Spread the joy

Each year we will donate 10% of our own net revenue to charities selected together with our artists, so the music will contribute to more than only entertainment.

We are developing

This site is under continuous development and will regulary be updated, extended, and improved, as well as EggArch Music itself.

Feel free to contact EggArch Music via mail: Info@EggArch.com

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